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Veterinary Diagnostics—The Path to Pet Wellness

Veterinary Diagnostics

Striegel Animal Hospital provides comprehensive veterinary care for dogs, cats, pocket pets, and exotic pets. Your pet’s health and safety are important to us, and our veterinarians are members of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). AAHA sets the gold standard for veterinary care, and our membership reflects our commitment to provide the best care possible for your pet.

Early detection of health problems leads to the best treatment outcome for your pet. Laboratory testing is performed during your pet’s preventive care exam to establish key baseline health characteristics specific to your pet. In the event your pet becomes ill, the baseline characteristics can be compared to current lab results and provide valuable diagnostic information.

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Laboratory equipment at Animal Family Veterinary Center

In-House Veterinary Lab

Our animal hospital includes an in-house veterinary laboratory, which provides rapid and accurate diagnostic testing. Proper diagnosis of the underlying cause of your pet’s health issue is the key to successful treatment. Many of our laboratory tests can be analyzed the same day of service. A sample of our laboratory testing includes:

  • Blood chemistry panel
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Complete blood count
  • Fecal analysis
  • Heartworm test
  • Urinalysis

We strive to determine the underlying cause of your pet’s medical condition, and our onsite diagnostics laboratory is a vital component in our diagnostic process. Proper diagnosis leads to targeted treatments and puts you pet on the path to recovery.